Wembley Cricket Club - Photography and Video Camera Guidelines

                  Photography and Video Camera Guidelines

In line with ECB guidelines Wembley CC have produced this document to clarify their position as regards the use of Video recording equipment and Cameras both at the Clubs home ground and also at away venues. The Clubs policy is as follows:


  • The Club (Wembley CC) will not take photos or shoot video without the prior permission of the parents/guardians.
  • Under no circumstances will cameras or videos (including mobile phones) be allowed in the club changing areas
  • The children will be informed beforehand, if the club intends to take photos of a match or an event.
  • If pictures are published on the club Website or sent to local publications names will not be added to the images.
  • Only images of children in appropriate cricket wear kit will be used.
  • Where possible the club will try to show the child/parent an image in advance of using it.
  • Opposition teams visiting the ground will have their attention brought to the clubs guidelines
  • If anyone in the club, parents, children or coaches becomes aware of inappropriate or intrusive photography, it should be reported to the Club Welfare officer who will investigate further.
  • Video of batting or bowling may be used as a coaching tool. The club will store this footage safely and will only show it to the relevant player. The club will delete/erase the footage if so requested, or if the player leaves the club. (Note before any video is shot written permission will be sought)