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Q&A round 3 - Club legend Dave Joshi picks his #One2Eleven

24 May 2017

Week 3 was a positive one for the club with the 1st, 3rd and 4th XI all winning. Hopefully we can carry this into week 4.

This week I caught up with Dave Joshi, a club legend:

1) When you eventually are fit and ready to go on this season, will it be weird not leading a side this year?

I was vice captain last year, so it's not going to be too strange, not leading a side out this season. Captaining a side was a great honour and I enjoyed leading the side.

2) What made you get into cricket?

I played cricket in school, but stopped playing when I left and was more into football. I restarted playing cricket again in my late twenties, when I started work at a friend’s travel company. His brother was running a cricket team called Bharat Olympians and as they were short of a wicket keeper, they
asked me to join them. They were a great team and that got my love for the game again.

3) What is your best moment in cricket?

I can think of three highlights:

Winning the league for Lensbury(Shell oil company) 3rd XI as their wicket keeper batsman.

Winning promotion as captain for the 4th team from Division 2 to Division 1 of 1987 League.

Winning promotion for the 3rd team in Middx County League from Division 2 to Division 1 in my first season as 3rd XI captain.

4) What is your funniest moment in cricket?

I had Butcher and Barrons in my team so managing them 2 was a task in itself, but I recall a game which finished early due to heavy rain showers. We had covered our pitch with covers to protect it, but Butcher and Barrons being the “Wembley youth” as they called themselves decided to come running out in their underpants, spraying shower gel on the covers and started to aqua plane the whole length of the covers. Malcolm our groundsman who decided to come back was aghast. and was not happy but it was very funny sight to see.

5) Which team was the best team you captained and why?

My team I feel that gave me the most joy was the 4th XI side that won promotion. I have given the whole squad below that played for me:

A Mohanlal, S Brooks,P Tirunwala, V Mistry, R  Samad, Y Akujee, A Ansar,  D Joshi, U Khan,  R Magan, C Meyers,R Ali, A Mahmood, J Dias, A Patel, P Patel, S Udawawala. S Hassan,  A Ghandhi, J Gopal. Jawad Azhar. A Ghandhi.

6) You’ve obviously brought through many colts into your teams. Who are the one or two that you are proudest to see doing well in the higher teams.

Akash Mohanlal, Prinay and Tapan Patel, Junayd Azar. Ifty Mohammed.

7) Who is your best friend in cricket?

I like and get on with everyone , but I have always got very good advice from Charlie Meyers and John Haskell,and I always seek their guidance.

8) Who do you think will finish with the most league runs at the club this season?

Due to my operation I have not had a chance to find out all the players playing this year, but from what I have heard, our 1st team overseas player Harry Jones looked good in pre-season games, so I nominate him.

9) You’ve obviously been on Wembley’s annual tour many times? What is your best memory/funniest moment?

There are plenty of memories here which include; the Wembley Youth (Barrons and Butcher) having a blow up plastic 6ft crocodile as a mascot and being kitted out in Meyers’ cricket gear and his jumper which was 3 times it's normal size. There was also watching Meyers’ underpants flying high on the flagpole.

10) Who is the toughest opponent you have faced?

Quite a lot of tough teams, but for me its no one in particular, I feel it's controllong your own players  then any opponent players.

11) If you could take any player from any club to play in your team, who would it be and why?

We had Steve Murphy playing for us, but has since joined Harrow St Marys and I felt he was the hardest player to bat against.

12) Who has been the biggest influence on you in terms of your cricket?

Playing with Bharat Olympians they had a great captain in Steven Dadd who said we had to play in the right manner and win in the right manner.

13) Having never scored a century, talk us through your decision to declare when you were on 96 not out?

Yes I remember it well , I went in to bat at no 7 and we were 158 for 6 and batted with the legendry  AB Jones who scored 52 that day. Mark Ormiston kept shouting to declare and as my target was 240 and I hit the  first ball to go past 240 and with the ball lost, I decided to declare without waiting to finish the over. I had no idea I was on 93 and Paul Barnett our scorer never gave me any indication of my score,and only found out as I came off. I blame myself for declaring and not finishing the over.

14) From all of the Wembley player’s you have played with in your time at the club, what would be your #one2eleven? (Only 1 overseas player is permitted)

This was so hard but I felt the following always performed and i enjoyed playing with them. Most of the team are a 4th XI team but they could easily get into our current 2nd team and win on a regular basis:

1) Alan Jones

2) Milan Gandhi

3) Raj Bhatia

4) Rafiq Samad

5) Prinay Patel

6) Daniel Richards

7) Yusef Akujee

8) Mark Ormiston (WK)

9) Umair Malik

10) Charlie Meyers

11) Colin McGary

I would like to thank Dave Joshi for his time. Next week we hear from 4th XI captain Bhushan Parab.


Akash Mohanlal